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What Are The Best Tote Bags For Women?

Everybody has many bags in your cabinet, someone has a fancy purse for events, messenger bags for school or work, shopping bags for daily activities, travel bags for traveling somewhere, and so on.

Tote bags are unique in their versatility. It is the best eco-friendly bag when it comes to shopping and recycled and reusable as well. As you know, tote bags have many kinds of fabric are used for and each coming with its own specific set of advantages, so now let’s learn more about what are the best tote bags that you may choose the best ones for yourself.

 Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric typically made out of cotton, which is known for being durable, sturdy, and heavy-duty. Canvas tote bags are the best tote bags that many people loved.

Here are the advantages of canvas tote bags:

  • Lightweight and durable: canvas tote bags are lightweight, durable, and not easy to wear and tear. It is perfect for school, work, going out.
  • It can be decomposed easily: canvas tote bags are highly recommended for protecting the environment by many people. It can be biodegradable for over 5 years.
  • Easy to clean: You can wash it by hand or machine, but we recommend you to wash by hand and do not scrub it too hard because it will affect the quality of this bag.
  • Good fabric for printing: it holds colors and the ink stays on the surface very well without fading and tearing
 Canvas Tote Bags
Canvas Tote Bags

The disadvantages of canvas tote bags:

  • Canvas tote bag is one of the best tote bags that quite more expensive than other fabrics
  • The shelf life is not durable because the bag has good absorbency

 Canvas Tote Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

The advantages of cotton tote bags:

  • Cotton tote bags are smoother than other bags and it can be a useful promotional bag for corporate companies to gratitude customers or you can use it as a casual bag daily. They are the best tote bags to use.
  • You wash it by hand or washing machine like cotton clothes
  • Cotton tote bags are resilient, durable, and sturdy bags. Before buying a cotton tote bag, you need to make sure of the quality of it. Some manufacturers used thin cotton fabric that will not carry heavy groceries or carry loads of books and personal items.
  • It can be recycled and reusable
  • Cotton tote bags can easily print on the surface, people said that:” Cotton is a perfect fabric for printing”
  • Cotton is a little bit frailer than canvas fabric, so it is suitable for holding lightweight items such as clothes, books,…

Cotton Tote Bags

The disadvantages of cotton tote bags:

  • Cotton tote bags are higher prices than other fabrics
  • It can be shrink if you wash it carelessly
Cotton Tote Bags
Cotton Tote Bags

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Jute Tote Bags

For those who do not know jute bags, jute is a material that makes up the hessian cloth so this durable and strong material has been used to make jute tote bags. Jute tote bags are the best tote bags that have reinforced seams to allow the tote bag to stand up straight.

Jute tote bags can easily see by your eyes because it is different from other bags. Due to its coarse, natural, rustic look so jute tote bags look very fashionable and unique when carrying.

The advantages of jute tote bags that you need to know:

  • Because it is made of jute fibers – a vegetable  so that this bag is good for our environment
  • Jute fibers have low chemical absorption so they are safe for the environment
  • The jute fibers are very resilient to carry heavy items without wear and tear
  • The process of production of jute fibers is quite cheap so the prices of jute tote bags are cheaper than canvas tote bags and cotton tote bags
  • Jute tote bags are   the best tote bags that can be reusable and recycled

Jute Tote Bags

The disadvantages of jute tote bags:

  • The longevity of jute tote bags is lower than canvas tote bags
  • It is not good for printing on its surface
  • It is hard to clean it because of the fabric structure
Jute Tote Bags
Jute Tote Bags

There are the best tote bags, but tote bags have other fabrics such as oxford fabric, leather fabric… 3 types of tote bags usually used by many people all around the world that we introduced above. We hope you choose the best ones for yourself as a companion.



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