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Customer Privacy Policy

Hop Phat Company always welcomes every customer to visit us through web “”. When you came to Hop Phat company, your personal information will protect information confidentially. The customer privacy policy is ensured by Hop Phat based on the Law on Cyber Security.

Collecting personal information

Hop Phat manufacturing company collects customer information:

We take care of customers carefully when using services in Hop Phat

Providing information, sales-promotion for customers

Use personal information

Hop Phat uses personal information for creating a customer list so that we take care of our customers in the best way. If necessary, we can use your information to contact you through email, phone, messages … but we still ensure to comply with the customer privacy policy.

Disclosing personal information

Hop Phat company makes sure that we never share any personal information from outside without concurring with customers.

not to share any personal information outside without the customer’s consent, in some cases, we hire the outsourcing company to research the market and we can provide your personal information such as:

Required by Law

In case we believed that it will help us protect our legal rights

Emergency situations and protect our personal safety

Retrieve your personal information

When the customer requests to adjust your personal information from our website, please contact us by phone, message, or email…

Confidential information

When the customer sends us personal information, you have agreed to the terms that we mentioned above, Hop Phat company is committed to protecting your personal information. Privacy activities are also one of the transactions that are certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Secure payment services

About your payment information about credit card/debit card/ ATM card or cash is absolutely protected by Hop Phat manufacturing company, when making a transfer payment, you should note:

You need to send the correct account number and check the information carefully before transferring payment

When you use bank transfer, you need to pay attention to a card security system

Do not let somebody borrow your credit cards or account number to make a deal

You must usually check your account number to make sure it safety

Using web cookie

Hop Phat manufacturing company uses “cookies” to personalize and improve the efficiency of your online time when accessing our website without leaving your information.

Spam regulations

Hop Phat ensured that we do not share, sell or lease customer’s emails to third parties, if customers receive spam emails accidentally, please do not click on strange links to avoid identity theft or you can contact with us as soon as possible.

Updating notices for the privacy policy

We may also change the content in the “Privacy Policy” without noticing. When updating privacy policy, we will revise  “Last Updated” for customers to follow as well as get information on this policy as quickly and fully as possible.

The privacy policy applied only at Hop Phat company excluding third parties or unrelated parties. We are not accountable for the content and third-party legality

Contact us

We are glad to receive your requests, contact us with your feedback about the “Privacy Policy”, please contact through by email: [email protected] or hotline: 0909 938 333 – 0988693337



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