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Currently, PVC plastic bags are commonly used with many different designs, colors, sizes… and there are many other benefits when you use them. Therefore, PVC bags are increasingly trusted and chosen by many people around the world. Therefore, Hop Phat is proud to be a manufacturer of PVC plastic bags in Vietnam.

Some people wonder what PVC bags are? Production process? Advantages and disadvantages of this type of bag. Therefore, Hop Phat PVC bag factory will share with you all information about PVC bags.

What is PVC bag?

PVC plastic bags are also known as PVC plastic packaging. They are made of synthetic vinyl chloride material. Outstanding features of this type of bag: Odorless, locationless, high hardness and durability, in addition it is also an extremely effective waterproof bag. Since then, PVC bags have become one of the most used types of bags.

Besides, PVC bags have now become an indispensable item for women because this is a light, durable fabric and has many diverse designs and sizes. It is also a further way to get effective results from customers.

what is a pvc bag
what is a pvc bag

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PVC bag production process

Currently, there are many customers choosing PVC bags for mass production. They appreciate the benefits of this bag. This type of plastic is quite as hard as a cardboard box so the printing process can be done easily. We can screen print with foil and gold sealed in PVC bags.

The production process of PVC plastic bags takes place at a cosmetic bag factory. There are 2 ways: Hot pressing and high frequency hot pressing

PVC bag production process using high frequency press

First we need to cut out the PVC

Silk printing on PVC bag surface

Hot pressing with high hot pressing frequency

Production process of pvc bag
Production process of pvc bag

Sewing PVC bags

With the PVC bag production process, steps 1 and 2 are the same as the hot pressing process. Once done, we move on to the next step:

The production process of PVC plastic bags must be carried out according to standards and quality checks. PVC bag manufacturers in Ho Chi Minh City often use Hard Polyvinyl Chloride, Soft PVC, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate and others.

Each type of plastic has its own characteristics and they are mainly used for packaging and bags. Typically, hard PVC is often used for office packaging, while soft PVC is used to produce clean cosmetic bags.

Outstanding features of PVC plastic bags

Currently, PVC plastic bags are also produced in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors, which can meet customer needs.

PVC plastic bags are safe for customers’ health

The most important point that customers are increasingly concerned about with PVC bags is the safety of their health. In addition, PVC bags also have the ability to decompose faster than other types of bags.

PVC bag manufacturer Hop Phat in Vietnam encourages customers to use PVC bags to protect their health and the environment.

Outstanding features of pvc bag
Outstanding features of pvc bag

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Benefits of using PVC plastuc bags

Thanks to the outstanding characteristics of PVC bags, they are widely used for many different purposes. It is not difficult to come across diverse types of PVC bags in export products. PVC plastic bags are widely known for their outstanding advantages.

Benefits of using PVC bags
Benefits of using PVC bags


Transparent PVC bags have unique designs

We can take a look at all the items in the PVC bag

PVC bags are very shiny, when you look at them, they will fall apart

PVC material is quite cheap, the product is eye-catching so it is loved by many people

PVC bags are very gentle


In addition to the advantages, PVC plastic bags also have disadvantages such as:


It will fade at high temperature

This money bag is easily aged

Shortest lifespan

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Reputable PVC bag manufacturer in Vietnam

As you can see above, you will definitely know about the benefits of PVC bags as well as the popularity of this type of bag. And if you are a food processing company or construction company, you need to order PVC bags in large quantities as required. But currently, there is so much information about PVC bag manufacturers in Vietnam that it is difficult for you to choose a reputable PVC bag factory.

However, if you want to find a PVC bag factory in Vietnam, please contact PVC bag manufacturer Hop Phat in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience in handbag manufacturing, we want our brand to grow both domestically and internationally. And now, Hop Phat gradually becomes a trusted partner of many foreign businesses. To achieve that, thanks to a team of skilled workers and modern machinery, we have produced high quality products. PVC bag manufacturer Hop Phat is confident in providing users with the best products and services.

Hop Phat a reputable PVC bag manufacturer in Vietnam
Hop Phat a reputable PVC bag manufacturer in Vietnam