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Now, the shopping bag is the first top searched keywords on the Internet. With the current shopping needs, the bag gradually becomes an indispensable item for everyone. Do you need a new shopping bag? You are worried about finding the best place to order shopping bags? So let’s learn more about Hop Phat shopping bag manufacturer in Vietnam.

What is a shopping bag?

What is a shopping bag
What is a shopping bag

A shopping bag is a useful item for everyone when you go shopping. A plastic bag makes many people feel uncomfortable and it is also terrible for the environment. Therefore, the shopping bag has been designed and manufactured from high-quality fabric such as non-woven fabric, cotton, .. To meet the standards: high durability, waterproof, anti-mold, and other functions.

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Characteristic of the shopping bag

Characteristic of the shopping bag
Characteristic of the shopping bag


Colorfastness: These fabrics allow you to print more colors on the surface. The product is easy to print images and logos. Moreover, if you used this bag for a long time, it would not fade

Durability: With strict manufacturing process and good material, this bag withstands the impact of chemicals on other blister packs.

Waterproof, anti-mold: The shopping bag was made from non-woven fabric, polyester that the best point is waterproof and anti-mold. You have no concern about using a bag to contain cold products, liquid, …

Easy to clean: The bag has a glossy layer on the surface to prevent from dirty and. The bag can be hand washed or machine washed without fear of tearing this bag

Economical prices: Shopping bag was made from synthetic fiber which has lower-cost compared with natural fiber. This is a good point that many people trusting and choosing this shopping bag.


Because it has high thickness and great weight fabric, so many factories have overcome it by mixing with other materials.

Benefits of using shopping bags

Fashion accessory

The shopping bag is suitable for all types of fashion styles, with modern and youthful design, the shopping bag is used by many people as a perfect fashion accessory. Shopping bags can be used for school, walking down on the street…

To protect your items

You do not worry about shopping bag because it has a large compartment that you can hold many different items. It was made from high-quality material so that this bag is not easy to tear. Nowadays, many factories produce an extra pad to protect all your items.

Benefits of using shopping bags
Benefits of using shopping bags

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Why you should choose Hop Phat to order shopping bags?

Hop Phat shopping bag manufacturer is proud to be one of the most prestigious manufacturers in Vietnam. With more than 20 years of experience in producing backpacks&bags, Hop Phat factory develops both at home and abroad.

Why you should choose Hop Phat
Why you should choose Hop Phat

Manufacturing on-demand service

Customers give Hop Phat’s staff your requirements for products, such as materials, colors, designs, etc… In addition, Hop Phat factory will advise customers on how to use materials and designs in accordance with the criteria and costs that customers can afford.

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Strict production process

The production process at Hop Phat is a closed process with modern machinery, it can meet a larger number of shopping bags and productivity. Therefore, Hop Phat manufacturer focuses on checking materials carefully before mass-production.

Teams of skilled workers

Hop Phat not only improves modern machinery but also skilled employees. Hop Phat shopping bag manufacturer are continuously training their skills

Warranty policy

When receiving products, you must check them carefully. If it has any defective products, please contact Hop Phat to fix it soon. That is also the reason why Hop Phat manufacturer is always trusted and chose by customers.