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JTI Vietnam is a close partner of Hop Phat

JTI Vietnam is the world’s leading tobacco company. They are also a close partner of Hop Phat company. So let’s learn some information about JTI Vietnam and the reason why did they choose us to make this bag?

JTI Vietnam is a close partner of Hop Phat

JTI is a multinational company, established in Switzerland. They have roots in many of the most famous tobacco companies around the world, with a global heritage that can be traced back to the late 16th century. After 21 years, JTI constantly developed to get more great achievements

JTI Vietnam
JTI Vietnam

The typical achievement of JTI

JTI is the 3rd largest company in the world.

Distributing and supplying products to over 130 countries including Vietnam.

More than 44,000 employees come from 115 different nationalities.

Nearly 400 offices

Rated as the best workplace in the world for 6 consecutive years

JTI Vietnam was established in 2000. Since then, they have continuously asserted their position as well as their ability. JTI is famous for three main products: Virginia, Burley, and Oriental …

JTI Vietnam’s strategy

They always provide the best products and services

The best supply chain

The perfect regulatory environment

At the same time, JTI always affirms that people are at the heart of our company with 3 core values:

Respect and take care of each other

Invest in HR

Long-term sucess

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