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How To Choose A Perfect School Backpack For Back-To-School?

A school backpack is an important item for students back-to-school.  You must choose a school backpack for holding your belongings that keeps them well-organized. Before choosing, you decide what type of backpack do you like best, what features are essentials that suits your needs for everyday use. Mayhopphat will share with you how to choose a school backpack for students in the short article below.

Choose size and compartments

If you carry a lot of books or textbooks, you should choose a backpack which has compartments. Especially, you need to determine a compartment for the laptop, a small pocket for holding pens, keys, cards, or 2 mesh pockets for water bottles and umbrellas as well.

Depending on the age, you have to choose the right backpack size:

  • For preschool students, the size needs to be small like 25x30x10cm or 30x25x10cm
  • For primary school students, the size could be 38x25x10cm
  • For junior high school students, the backpack size is 40x28x12cm
  • For high school students and college, the backpack size is 44x30x15cm
data-lazy-sizes of school backpack
sizes of school backpack
compartments of backpack
compartments of backpack

The fabric of the school backpack

The fabric commonly used to produce school backpacks that are polyester, nylon, oxford, canvas… Depending on your needs, you can choose the right fabric for your school backpack. These fabrics are extremely waterproof, durable when used for a long time.

The fabric of the school backpack
The fabric of the school backpack

Pay attention to zippers

Look closely at the closures for each compartment and pocket that make sure they are sturdy, smooth, and easy to access. You should choose double-zippers that allow for easy insertion and extraction of large items or a lot of items at once and look for high-quality and durable zippers for long-lasting use

The zippers of backpack
The zippers of the backpack

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Catch up the fashion trends

Style is an important feature of a school backpack. Everybody wants an eye-catching backpack that is currently in style. But you also consider a solid backpack for daily use, or a backpack with printing attracts more students’ attention.

fashion trends

fashion trends
fashion trends

Check straps and padding carefully

You have to determine your belongings you want to bring and how much weight in your bag that you feel comfortable and safe to carry. Choose adjustable, padded straps to help you adjust to fit your body, also reduce the pressure on your shoulders when you move a lot.

straps and padding
straps and padding

Decide where to buy

You have to decide to buy online or in shop. It gonna be fine if you choose the ones but buying online offers you a lot of choices with the best price and save your time. You just place your order online and then the goods will be delivered to your home. Shopping in person you will try the backpack directly and examine features of the school backpack.

buy online or in shop
buy online or in shop



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