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638/30 Le Trong Tan Street, Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan, HCM

Hop Phat has a strong impression on the Nguoi Dua Tin newspaper

Which is the most prestigious backpack gift factory in HCMC? Then most almost people mentioned Hop Phat without thinking. Which special things of Hop Phat make a strong impression on customers and Nguoi Dua Tin newspaper?

Nguoi Dua Tin newspaper – a reputable electronic newspaper with 24h hot news

Nguoi Dua Tin Newspaper
Nguoi Dua Tin Newspaper

Nguoi Dua Tin newspaper – The electronic newspaper is the mouthpiece of the Vietnam Lawyers Association. Readers can update the latest news of the day by a team of reporters. You can read online news, hot news, legal news, entertainment at home, at work, or anywhere… Also on this website, Hop Phat is mentioned that the most prestigious and high-quality backpack gift company in Ho Chi Minh City. With full specific information such as:

Contact Hop Phat

CEO: Truong Dinh Duc

Office & Factory: 638/30 Le Trong Tan Street, Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City

Hamlet 3, Xuan Thoi Son Commune, Hoc Mon District, Ho Chi Minh City

Binh Thang Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province

Hotline: 0909.938.333 – 0988.69.3337



Business code: 0313730318

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