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Black EVA Earphone Case

Black EVA Earphone Case

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An introduction to Black EVA Earphone Case

Black EVA Earphone Case was manufactured by Hop Phat Factory. It is made of high-quality EVA material. It is designed to withstand any weather temperature and resists wear and tear.

Black EVA Earphone Case prevents extra load on the body. It is ideally made to store petite, sensitive valuables that need extra care to avoid misplacing and stay away from any damages. The inner soft cushion padding to prevent critical things from any bumps and dents. and the zipper helps you easy to store in and take out for outdoor travel. This handy case will organize crucial objects and have them separated into other big valuables. It is used to hang it on a backpack, perfect for traveling and hiking.

Hop Phat company is always proud of producing high-quality Black EVA Earphone Case in Vietnam.

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Black EVA Earphone Case – full specifications

Product name: Black EVA Earphone Case

Type of fabricEVA material

Color: Black

Dimensions: 10x7x8

Print: as required

Bag compartment: a large main compartment

Capacity: from 1 to 2 kg

Place of origin:

♥ Note: Giving customer advice such as design and materials at the customer requirements

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Image of Black EVA Earphone Case

Black EVA Earphone Case
Black EVA Earphone Case

Contact us

We are willing to give customer advice and design as required (for all orders)

Time for making sample: 3-5 days (for over 500 pcs).

Lead time: 7-25 days. (depending on the quantity of the product)

Advance payment: 40-50% Total contract value

Production capability: 50.000 – 200.000 pcs

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): over 150 pcs

Get quotation FOB or CIF

Discount: depending on the quantity of product

Hotline: +84909 938 333

Why you should order Black EVA Earphone Case at mayhopphat?

Good 24/7 customer services

Free design pattern

We give customer advice to have the best sample product

Main materials were directly imported without toxic

The high-quality inks were directly imported with non-toxic

We always use HKK zippers (the best zippers in the world)

Referring to over 500 available samples

The customer comfortably decided the delivery time

You directly work with Chief Customer Officer to solve problems

We give our customers 15 days to check products

When customers receive the right product,  you can pay in cash or transfer money.



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